"Every manager in baseball could benefit from playing a few hundred games of Strat-O-Matic"
Quote from 2003 Edition of the Baseball Prospectus


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The Capital Baseball League is a Strat-O-Matic play-by-mail league, with a limited amount of face-to-face play.
The league was founded in 1975 and has managers throughout the country, from California to New York. We currently have 20 members.

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  CBL RULEBOOK - March 2019 edition

Rolz.org dice room used for drafts

Suggestions for submitting results:
(1) start off with the team nickname "at" other team's nickname.
Don't use the city in the top line.
(2) Keep it short - one or two sentences per game
 OR one paragraph for the series.

(3) PLEASE USE  " at " rather  " @ " and don't capitalize the A in "at"
(4) Put the series results in THE BODY OF THE EMAIL not just in the subject

Managers may trade draft picks for the next free agent draft only.  As soon as the free agent draft begins, picks for the subsequent draft may be traded.  A manager may trade as many of his draft picks as he wishes, but must have at least six draft picks at all times, two of which must be in the fourth round or earlier. 

Rogues trade Rogues #4 to Huskers for Garrett Cooper and Huskers #8

Titans trade Yasmani Grandal and Sam Hilliard to A's for Will Smith, Luke Voit and A's #7

Rogues trade Rogues #6  to Larks for Sergio Romo

Ungulates trade Wil Myers and Ungulates #7 to Cubs for Cubs #4, Brock Holt, and Aledmys Diaz

Ungulates trade Austin Hedges and Travis Shaw to Bombers for Bombers #6

Ungulates send Austin Hays to Sluggers for Sluggers #4

Ponies trade Giovanny Gallegos and Ponies #7 to Rogues for Touki Toussaint and Rogues #2

Cubs trade Matt Adams to the Mitts for Hernan Perez

Comets trade Comets #2 to the Ungulates for Luis Urias

Cubs trade Cubs #7 to Comets for Austin Barnes

Comets trade Leury Garcia to the Mitts for Daniel Murphy

Ungulates trade Ungulates #3 and Jake Bauers to Whiz Kids for Cameron Maybin and Whiz Kids #6

Mitts trade Amir Garrett  to Icons for Guillermo Heredia

Bombers trade Rhys Hoskins and Aledmys Diaz to the Cubs for Nick Ahmed

draft day trades

Ponies trade Justin Verlander, Josh Hader and Pick #3 to Ungulates for  Steven Matz, Robbie Ray, and Picks #5, #14, #15, #35, and #51

Blackjacks trade Kolten Wong to the Titans for Adam Eaton + Titans 2020 #4

Kids trade pick #81 to Comets for Alex Wood + pick #107 + pick #127

Mitts trade pick 50 to Bombers for pick 54 + Bombers #5 in 2020

Mitts trade Mitts #4 2020  + Yandy Diaz to Whiz Kids for Mark Canha

A's trade pick 124 to Sluggers for Sluggers #6 in 2020

Ungulates trade Ungulates 2020 #6 to Huskers for #133 and #153

predraft trades

Puckered Penguins trade Christian Vazquez + Penguins #1 to Mitts for Mitts #1, Mitts #2  + Manny Pina

 Ponies trade Jason Heyward and Canes #6 to the  A's for Adam Frazier,  Canes #7, and Icons #7

Crabs are making Maldonado available ... solid power on both sides ... defense of 2(-2) ...
33 years old ...recently signed 2 year deal with the Houston Ashcan Bangers ... Maldonado
is on Maryland’s active roster ...  I’m looking for a ‘mediocre’ starting pitcher ... in other
words ... a pitcher not on your  cut list ...  60 –80 innings ...

Hurricanes looking for starting pitching and relief pitching.  All picks are available for next year.  If you are interested in any current roster players, let me know and we may be able to work something out.

The Sluggers have the following players available: Melky Cabrera, Clint Frazier, Ryon Healy and Geraldo Parra.
We are looking for young players, draft picks and starting pitching.

Rogues looking for one more relief pitcher - either relief or starter and anyone who can be dh vs. lhp.
Available for trade:   Matt Joyce, Willie Calhoun, Tony Kemp, Jay Bruce, Maikel Franco, Erick Fedde, Chris Davis, Stephen Sousa Jr.

Looking for excellent CF, 3B, C,  LHB DH vs RHP, or pitcher. Availables include Harrison Bader, Nate Lowe, Justin Upton, Nick Goody, Francisco Liriano, Dustin Fowler. May deal Kyler Tucker if I was getting a superstar 3B, C, CF, or pitcher.We are also looking to trade Brian Dozier, Franklin Barreto, Gregory Polanco, Bradley Zimmer,  & Lewis Brinson. Will trade for or deal picks, including #1, to make a deal.

Post-draft, the Whiz Kids still have some nice pieces that would better fit a contender.  Eric Thames is a good option vs RHP at 1b/DH,   Looking for picks, relief pitching, maybe a backup catcher or prospect/bounceback candidate to hold in the minors.

Here is where you can advertise players that you would trade for very little,  e.g. a 7th round pick at most.  It's really not intended to be the place you list all your cuts even though some choose to see it as such.  If a guy is totally worthless to your team it's likely he's equally worthless to the rest of the league members.

Send in your candidates for the Bargain Bin and I'll post them.

ROGUES - Brian Johnson, Ryan LaMarre, Tommy Hunter, Jason Kipnis and Mark Trumbo

CUBS -    Yonder Alonso is available for an 8th round pick.

MITTS -  Kevin Plawecki







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Penning this on Saturday morning.  After the gym and a few chores I'll start my MLB preseason by watching a few innings of Mets baseball. I do it like the pitchers: watch one or two innings this week and add an inning or two each succeeding week....Rumors have James Dolan (owner of the Knicks and the Rangers) looking at possibly buying the Mets and SNY, their TV network. Dolan is almost as awful as the Wilpons.  But I did say "almost"....Rangers hockey is becoming even  more interesting and exciting.  NHL trade deadline comes on Monday.  Rangers could buy, sell, or hold....My Mitts and Criers have a lot in common and I think both can make the playoffs if things play out well.  Both clubs can hit but will be submarined by their starting pitching - especially in the case of the MidHudsonites....I've never been inclined to be in more than or less than two SOM leagues.  Like the fact that the CBL drafts long before the cards are released while the SBA drafts after all is known....The NFL draft is still well down the road.  I'd hope that the talent-starved Giants would trade down in round 1 to stock up on talent but I don't think their GM, Gettleman, knows that that's permissable....Glad I'm not a young parent these days.  Cheating is rampant in politics and in sports.  How does one teach a youngster to be honest and fair when everything they see around them is not that way?.....At our local gym they told us it would be two weeks before the work they're doing on the showers would be done.  I think Monday starts week five.....Haven't been to Washington DC in many years (maybe it was when Jordan graduated Georgetown Law) but going in late April with another couple.  They've never been to the Smithsonian and at our ages we don't want to be putting off stuff much longer.  You know what I mean....Haven't played many exhibition games with the Mitts or the Criers.  Some years I do and some years I don't....Looking at the quality of David Freese's numbers you have to wonder how sick of the travel he must be to retire when he still obviously can rake.

Ex-National Matt Adams thankful to get opportunity with Mets

2020 Dodgers Player Projections: Justin Turner


I think we'd agree that the hit-and-run play is in pretty much disuse in the modern game of baseball.  I doubt that I saw more than a half dozen H&R plays pulled off while watching 100 or more Mets games last year (admittedly Mickey Calloway seemed to be no fan of the ploy).  So it surprises me to see this:  Leury Garcia, Guillermo Heredia, DJ Lemahieu, Bryan Reynolds, Eddie Rosario and Carlos Santana -  these guys are all Hit-and-Run guys rated B which is the best possible.

Perhaps it's the tendency for almost all hitters to hit flyballs rather than grounders but the Mitts only have 1-1/2 guys who hit into many DPs.  If we say that cards with 20 gbA chances are the guys that are prone to hitting into them then the Mitts have Christian Vazquez with 25 on each side of his card and David Freese who has 25 just against righties.  Against lefties Freese is less of a DP vulnerable guy with only 16 gbA.

Jon Berti is the team's only A stealer.  He's the least likely to hit into a doubleplay since he has just 2 gbA on each side of his card.

Big walking.  There's walking and hitting versus just walking.  Bregman against righties has 35 walks on his card to go along with 17 hits.  OTOH there's Chance Sisco vs lefties where he has 30 walks on his card AND NO HITS.  Yikes.

Best and worst in the clutch:   best - Eddie Rosario with +11 on both sides.  closer runner up is Lemahieu +11 vs RHP,  +10 vs LHP
                                              worst- Leury Garcia  -15 on both sides.

Two Mitts starting pitchers have big gbA numbers to get them out of the numerous jams they figure to get themselves into.  JA Happ has 12 gbA vs lefties and a whopping 14 vs righties.  Urena is 10/11.  

None of the relievers are particularly good at getting DPs with Ryne Stanek being the worst with zero gbA on his entire card.

Felipe Vazquez is literally the team's only closer.  His closer number is 6.  No other Mitt has a closer number greater than 0.

Adding up the available relief innings the total comes to 431.  Tacking on 20% brings it a bit over 500.  I figure with starters rarely going more than six innings (and the meh Mitt starters will be lucky to last that long) a bullpen needs in the neighborhood of 500 innings to cover the season.

James Dolan looking into buying SNY as Mets sale rumors swirl

Mitt Trades

White Sox Sign Aaron Bummer To Five-Year Extension

from CLEVELAND.com

Closer Brad Hand, Cleveland Indians taking measures to keep him strong this season


Admit it,  some of you are old enough (like yours truly) to remember the Patty Duke show where the premise was that Patty played twin cousins.  Always wondered whether there really ever was such a thing as twin cousins, but OK.

Anyway, the trade the Criers made with Lake City on Thursday reminded me of that show because while the new LF tandem of Mike Tauchman and Mike Yastrzemski  (yes, even their first names are the same) are not identical they sure are a whole lot alike.   Check out the stat line.

Same age and a kind of advanced one to be starting their careers in the big leagues.  OPS is within spitting distance.  Both are the rare backward lefties who significantly hit better vs lefties than they did against righties while neither is a total slouch against righties.

They were both drafted in the 3rd round of the SBA draft with Yaz, the guy with significantly more available ABs, going justifiably earlier. Yaz was the 40th pick of the draft.  Tauchman went 48th.

How about defense,  after all this is Strat O Matic we're talking about.

They both have 2s in LF and that's where they'll play for the most part.  We might find Tauch some CF time.  Neither figures to land in RF much if at all.

I think it's quite interesting to see how similar these two players are.


Sometimes perusing the DRAFT REPORT for a team can be helpful in determining whether a trade fit exists.  In doing so a few days agp I noticed that the Lake City team had only one CFer who was not a 4 defensively and that player was Harrison Bader whose 347 ABs was only going to cover him for a bit over half a season.

Meanwhile all three Smithtown LFers,  Tauchman, Maybin, and Naquin were capable of playing CF as  cf-3's.  I suggested to Matt, the LCI manager, that maybe we could find something where I send him someone to share CF with Bader but that I'd need some LF at bats to get it done.   The main snag was that his two LFers were  Yaz and Tapia, the latter of whom I explained I was not a big fan of.

We tossed around a few possibilites but didn't get anywhere until I suggested I break my RF logjam.   The swap we agreed on was:

SMC trades Kole Calhoun + Tyler Naquin to LCI  for Mike Yastrzemski + Aristides Aquino

Yaz was a guy I slotted one spot ahead of Tauchman and they both went in round 3 of the recent draft.   Aquino can share RF with Judge with Maybin filling in if we run low on ABs.    LF is now in better offensive hands with Yaz and Tauchman handling the position.

Between Yastrzemski and Samardzija I really have to be more diligent about acquiring players whose names I can actually spell.


from SNY.TV

Fully-healthy Mike Tauchman ready to compete for prominent Yankees role in 2020


Matt-  commissioner
Mitch-  league statistician
Jordan- rules coordinator
Mark -  representing West division
Wayne- representing Chicago division
Bob- representing South division

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